India – Pakistan Love Affair, We are talking again.

As suspected by whole world- famous romance of India and Pindian drakistan is going to take another turn very soon. Thanks to Uncle Sam, he has send a handwritten letter by a US envoy which has reached India yesterday and today, it will be with PM of our country.

Before that it seems as some conversation between to nations had taken place- because not only PM of India but also his cabinet ministers had assured whole world that ‘ WE WILL TALK’.  Drama is same old story that ‘ if’ you will stop CROSS-BORDER terrorism- only then we will talk.

This look to me as India is expecting TIGER to stop hunting and either men in white think that we all are fools or they are trying to be naive. Because we do not know ‘real’ expectation of PM, HM and MIA but atleast we educated class of India do not feel that this is the real scene.

Twisted arms, bruised honor and injured self-respect, very soon INDIA will be on ‘talking table’. On the other hand- it does not matter what is being said in media, we already are having bus relations, trains relations, truck relations [ Trade route ] with Paksitan…now what else is required for a healthy relationship with your neighbour ?

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4 comments on “India – Pakistan Love Affair, We are talking again.
  1. Farhan says:

    This should be clear to every Indian and Pakistan citizen that they are being taken on a joy ride. Whole shoe is a bog joke and PAKISTAN politicians are making money by blackmailing US in name of terror. And what shocks me more is that USA feels that there is good Taliban and bad Taliban !!

  2. hindblogger says:

    Just hold on- it needs a statement from Zardari and we will be talking again as wished by Hon. President B.Obama.
    You cannot talk with Pakistan …just easily…you have to create a scene, a situation and only then you can talk.
    That situation is developing and very soon we will be talking- Manmohan Singh Ji personally looking after these talks developments and very soon we all will hear some good news. Although it will be a pain for some Mumbaikers, Some Karnataka, Gujarat people….but that pain can be compensated by victory we will be having in INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMACY for which India is well known.

  3. Hind Blogger says:

    “A resumption of such high-level engagement in the aftermath of the November Mumbai attacks is encouraging. We have aid before that India and Pakistan need to continue their dialogue to find joint solutions against terrorism and to promote regional stability,” State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said on Wednesday, hours after Prime Minister Singh upbraided Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari in their first meeting after the Mumbai attacks.

    Now whole world can see how US dictate terms and how puppets like India and Pakistan dance. Obama is happy because Pakistan is fighting their war and Pakistan is happy because he is getting money for it. What India is getting is still under carpet- I am sure very soon we will be knowing this too.

    History is witness to such tatcis and we also know people who played with blood – ultimately had to face the extreme. I am sure Obama knows aboout this too while sponsoring ‘acts’ in Iran, India and Pakistan.

  4. J.S says:

    I agree with you that India had always danced on US tunes and I also feel that not only congress but even BJP also danced on US tunes. You are not wrong when you mention in your posts that for PAK, army rule was best because it was only that period that PAK was havnig some peace. No Doubt, General Musharraf was better than present regime.

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