Australian attacks- Another dimension of Indian students.

There is growing outcry in media and now we are listening a different dimensions of this issue. This was clear from beginning that whole episode is STUDENT ORIENTED and these attacks are not for general/ normal Indian living there.

Now- another dimension of Indian students have come up and some of the blames are listed below..

1. Manners and living style: Students from India happends to live in small rooms which are hired for 4 but used by 15. They roam in underwears in their courtyards and urinate in open.

2. English and Money:- Many students find themslelves week in English – thus do not get on with regular studies and do not afford to have private tution- resulting in pressure. Money is second most important thing which students fail to get according to their needs rather they are expected to work and earn and pay back loans in India.

3. Suicides and Study:- There are many suicides reported- and main reasons for this is failure in studies and failure in generating funds back home. Many students feel BAD because they find only Indian students sitting in class andtheir teacher is speaking HINDI/PUNJABI . They feel that they had been cheated and these universities do not provide ‘that’ high std. of education as described in prospectus/websites and pamphelets etc.

4. Impression and show off:- Many students wear expensive gear as compared to common Australian and carry expensive IPODS, LAPTOPS, CALL PHONES and other articles. This irritates those who do not afford such levish style and thus some oppertunistic attacks takes place.

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