Sand of times – Hindu and muslim communities living in harmony.

Sand of times can only show us that before British came and conquored India- Hindu and Muslim communities were living with peace and as per my information- no riots are documented by then. So and so that Akbar used to have Hindus in his courts and famous names like Birbal and Todarmal are well known even today. He married JODHA BAI which was a Hindu Rajput.

We also know that Sikh Gurus were Hindus and they were in constant attendance of muslims and even Muslims happens to perform KIRTAN [ Singing of sacred verbs ] in Golden Temple of Amritsar. Now- this is very dramatic that same community was targetted for 10 years – all in name of economical exploitation and control of economy !

No one perhpas have through about it that Mulsims used to be integral part of of our scoeity in India before british set foot and present scenerio of DIVIDE AND RULE was set in place by them when they encountered situation like 1857. Same formula which was ‘ready to use’  was tried by BJP and it;s so called idiologica supporters but seems youth of India did not allow them to be self styled representative of Hindus of India. Luckily, Muslim votes also did not fall into lap of any ONE leader and perhaps it was enough to shock so called dalit leader Ms. Mayawati

This is again somewhat strange that Muslim in India after 1947 becomes second citizen and constantly was forced to prove that he loves India. Some incidents from Delhi [ Use of crackers whever PAK cricket team wins ] and Mumbai were blown out of limits and I am still not sure if these acts really took place or it was all some propaganda.

Now, we are into a fast moving country where Muslims are still struggling to feel proud to be called an Indian. BJP which has a clear and transparent agenda against Christians and Muslims[ When Sikhs, Budhist, Jains and others will include in the list- we do not know ] seems to be acting like a stubborn child and donot want to nudge from it’s hate line. Advani has gone down the history as a failed and confused leader and if we expect anything from BJP- it is from young creed only. If it does not happen- friends we will see a long term congress rule where family based politics is governing this country.


I do dream that we failed to give anything concrete to this generation and as failures, we are impotents who look negatives in some action. We painted ourselves as foolish, selfish and hypocrits who gets confused between moderanism of west and India roots. BUT – time will change, time will change because life is changing very fast and generation -X will take up all these issues of religion, caste and crime with diferent yeardstick.

I am sure we all should dream that we will be able to see India- as a country where we all will be equally proud to be called an Indian…and ofcourse Muslims will be with us, shoulder to shoulder.

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3 comments on “Sand of times – Hindu and muslim communities living in harmony.
  1. Jassi says:

    We are living in dangerous times and I do not think that harmony can prevail. Seeds of hate are deep inside and recent example is student attacks in australia. This is shameless that Indian govt. has not done enough to handle this situation and as you said 95000 student, generating more than 3 billion dollars for Australia and this is what they got in the end.
    I read you post about students doing all dirty things…but this does not mean attacking them, injuring them and looting them.

  2. TRH says:

    This will never be possible as modern politics is based on caste, creed and regionalism. How can you dream to live in harmony- rather we should prepare for a civil war now and this time – although politicians will blame pakistan for this but in fact we should be grateful to politicians that they dragged us this far that another 1947 or possibly another divide of this country is at stake.

  3. Farzana says:

    This is not strange because west is still following the same rule and again this is no more secret that US has direct hand in upsetting IRAN.

    I agree with your point of view but why we blame US and British- our own people had generated less patriots than cheaters. Rather both India and PAK are having no shortage of NATIONAL CHEATERS.

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