Truth behind student attacks in Australia.

This is strange that no had tried to question some dimensions of this whole drama. And no one seems have tried to think about it…atleast this is how things seems to be right now. Because whole media in India is full of attacks ! attacks on Indian students  in Australia and we fail to understand some basics..

1. You can not paint whole country as RACIST NATION- If we do so, then India is world famous racist country besidees UK and USA.

2. Why Indian students are attacked in mid of 2009. Why this trigger at this time when student creed is looking for admissions?

3. Why political lobby admits that these could have RACIAL element but police says…it is not !!

I think we need to find some answers here. Students were going there simnce more than a decade but in last 3-5 years this business has crossed billion dollar game…and now Newzeland , Canada, UK, USA are also in line- although Australia was second last in this list.  What looks strange to me is that Newzeland sendsa delegation to India with slogan we are not like neighbours – we are peaceful country. This all comes when Australia dispatches it;s team for India to do something that this student business is not effected.

Why I am suspecting somthing foulplay here that we still donot know why these whole attacks comes NOW. This is strange that whole racism in that country was sleeping soundly and all of a sudden it wakes up and we see injured students and protests and related news on our tubes.

Racism – I do think that there is lobby in Australia like lobby in canada, UK and USA which do not like Indians.  Then why painting Australia as racist country? India is also racist but we donot raise our voice when Christians are attcked, Muslims are burned alive, Sikhs are burned alive.

There is more to this drama and everyday I am suspecting money behind this whole scene.  Coming to another dimension that if somewhow these are racial targetted abuse…then all Indians should thank Amitabh Bacchan because he was first to deny doctorate by Australian univeristy and now Indian movie makers had blacklisted Australia and no Indian movie will be shot there. I think damage is already done and we have plenty to say, talk about and hate another community now.

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10 comments on “Truth behind student attacks in Australia.
  1. Roslyn says:

    Latest news is of car bombing of Indians in Australia. I seems to feel like hindblogger that all of a sudden we see this type of violence aginst Indian students.

    There is some mystery behind all this – and what police is doing? I mean they could not crack a crime which is so widespread.

    I agree there is something more than we know through TV reporting.

  2. Himanshu says:

    I think all these attacks are happening because indian students are outperforming australian students and also as Indian Businessman are the top businessmen there.

    • hindblogger says:

      No doubt – Indians have proved themselves- and Australia is no exception but there is another face of this super- intelligence. Please have a look at:

      Behind this intelligence and capability – there is some crap too. Once I was in Pune, attending a concert and in evening what I saw on a road was enough to shock me !

      Girls and boys riding on expensive SUV’s were drinking beer and smoking in open, touching in open and whole public was watching them with awe – as this does not go with Punites !
      I was told that these are wealthy students from North and this is their way of life . They live together in hired mansions and banglows, support lavish life style and we all know about RAVE parties coming down to Pune now !!

      So- if Pune is having this impression- What this class will be doing in Australia ! Moreover this is Billion dollar game- just imagine there are approx 95,000 students in Australia alone !!

      So- we can NOT generalized that all student class out there is like this- but general impression is changing or may be changing !!

      Thanks for your comment- I would like to know what you think about it !

  3. Mani Vasu says:

    Australian Education industry was in India- they now realize that they have lost billion dollar business. Their statements were in press and how badly they were trying to influence people that their country is safe for student.

    Friends- it is cheap and easy to study in UK than in Australia and as I said in my first post…racism does exist and it exists in our country too. SO- I am not talking about racism anymore- I want them stand responsible for attacks and they should pay for it.

    Students are trapped in Australia and much of them are from Punjab. We should raise a voice !!

  4. Miri says:

    I agree with you racism exist everywhere, besides I have read in newspapers that many students in India are killed after being attacked by seniors or they suicide after being ragged in University!

    A case happened in the UAE as well in an Indian institute here called BITS Pilani, it made headlines, because the seniors asked the first year students to do something pervert! These things are not tolerated at all in the UAE, now they have put up cameras inside the institute premises, security guards and a single complain about a senior student he/she will be directly expelled! This ragging etc is almost non-existent in the UAE, which is why this news made headlines! The seniors here are very nice,friendly and helpful! =)

    Coming back to Australia whatever happened is wrong I feel sorry for them, but I somehow feel that the attacks have increased because of the Indian media!

  5. hindblogger says:

    Miri !

    This is somewhat not true about Indian students getting rapped by seniors or anything like suicides. Had this been the case- Australians are not that naive that they will send their ministers to India and feel sorry.

    Now- Indian students have started replying TIT-FOR-TAT and very soon you will see either a gurrila war or ease.
    No this is not due to media- this is havng billion dollar industry. You may not know that UK education is cheaper than CANADA and AUSTRALIA.
    There are 95K students in Australia and good number is in Newzealand….imagine how much money is coming into….Australia is getting more than a billion dollar.
    And as soon as this drama starts- Newzeland and others started sending their staff to recruit students and spreading word that their countries are good and they provide bla bla bla incentives to students.

    This is all about money…

    • Miri says:

      Regarding ragging and suicide I read this in a local newspaper Gulf news. I even saw a man on NDTV whose son was killed by seniors in university and another who was beaten up brutally by seniors after he refused to do something they asked him to and he went on to complain about them ragging him to the school administration.

      I think (might be wrong) the UK universities are more expensive and are preferred more than that of Australia! I have my bro studying in UK.

      You might be right about the money thing. Btw it’s not just the Indians I know some Pakistanis as well who were planning to go to Australia, but they have changed there mind after the attacks coz Pakistanis and Indians kinda look the same!

      • Miri says:

        PS: Regarding the ragging and suicides I was talking about that being happening in India NOT Australia!

        Of course in Australia it’s a different case! =)

      • hindblogger says:

        Yes- ragging does happen in India and now Govt. is getting some strictness. Lot of lives been lost in this crap.

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