Time pass game of India and Pakistan.

This is almost comical that no one could stop the romance of India and Pakistan. In my earlier posts at blogger.com, I compared behaviour and role of India as a young bride which was introduced to a young handlsome man but get wedded to a old man. Because India always cried FOUL FOUL FOUL and all booty is being enjoyed by Paksitan. Now- this was very complex that how US says we will ‘aid’  conditional which was replied by PAK that they had provided blank cheue to CHINA. And then things started to fall in piece. US tones were little musical and it stopped pressurizing PAK about Mumbai attacks, because prior to this India was found in laps of Obama- do something, see what PAK is saying/doing and this whole media pressure was being felt by US too…and thus we see lot of arm twistings from USA in Mumbai attacks.

Whole world knows and had seen how statements were changed within hrs, if not daily but game of time pass had begun and we saw how nicely a ‘probe’ started in Pakistan. Two months were consumed in providing proof and asking for proof and that probe is still ON.

Pakistan in the meantime did what it should have done…built pressure on USA and FRIENDLY NATIONS that Taliban has come near to our nuclear arms and we do not have money to fight. By then SWAT was under ISLAMIC LAW and BUNER was under TALIBAN and MINGORA had seen arrival of men in turbans with guns in hands !!

We also know that USA called Mr. 10 % and Hamid kerzai to Washington and we will never know what exactly was talked about- but what we know is that huge amount of ‘aid’ was declared by Obama and all this for NOT TO ALLOW PAK SOIL FOR TERROR . Zaradri happy, Kerzai happy….and so was Obama. As soon as zardari reached PAK- we came to know that Mehsood had been freed due to clean chit by UK and CHINA.

Couple of days more and we see Sayed Hafiz is being relaesed on orders of High court of akistan that there is no proof. he was detained on behalf of UN move and with this not only PAK but role of UN also becomes a comical act. We all heard a faint cry…FOUL FOUL and this was all said to USA who is mediator in this love affair. Obama toldPAK- dosomething to maintain honor of India and do what you want to do. PAK stopped taunging INDIA but by then damage was done..and India looked like a cheated,  young, newly married girl.

Now we see on our tubes is that reports from Paksitan that PAK govt. intentionally delayed in submission of proof to court. This news had once again started debate about role of America in this whole scene.  We also saw a PANTAGON report that PAK has utilized US aid in maintaining army against INDIA.

My question is…

1. Is America doomed to self destruction ? Already US is running on help from CHINA- it’s economy is crumbling and still tax payers money is going into nations supporting terrorism- what else is required in this coffin now ?

2. What options PAK and INDIA have ? How long PAK will be reduced to a nation like a beggar – or blackmailer ? One day- it has to do something. But what ? Pakistan can not destroy TALIBAN because hardliner lobby do not see this as a good move and even PAK govt. is halkf hearted about destroying Taliban. They are just maintaing stage act to free SWAT , BUNER and MINGORA – afterall this much has to be done to show to the whole world that ‘aid’  money is consumed. If USA wants more- moremoney is required- ofcourse 10% cut is there

3. India- Killer Silence :- There is strong international lobby which feels that RAW is behind PAK blasts. RAW is capable, yes this may be possible because when suicide bombers are available on payment- what else is required ? if India is doing al that damage – I think this is best it can do. USA and UK are all ‘helpful’ to PAK for aid and this is what is required by A.L Zardari at present.

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3 comments on “Time pass game of India and Pakistan.
  1. Jassi says:

    I do not agree with your point of view that India and Pakistan are doing some time pass politics. Just see what is happening in Pakistan- one more blast in hotel and I think now Pakistan is realizing taste of terror.
    I know there are some websites which ays that all these attacks and blasts is handiwrok of RAW or US but whatever, we can not claim the truth but reality is tides seems to have changed and now PAK also tasting some biter taste of blood.

    On the other hand- it is common man who get killed- I feel sorry for all those and their families because they just become a pawn in this deadly game.

  2. Seema says:

    There is communication on every known platform- thereis trade happening- there is bus/trains and God knows what else we do not know.I do not think India and Pakistan are not having good relations.

    There was a news that India is depressed due to Russia getting closer to PAK…India should worry because India never learned how to make friends.

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