Mahatma Gandhi- Should we know more than we know.

Bapu is our national hero and we have projected him as a guiding star of India, of a  Indian and how name of Bapu is used for various Indian policies.  Is this correct or we are being carried away in some hypocritic wave by men in white ?

I do not mind if he wanted to have sex or was feeling like having sex while his father was on death bed…I do not have any reservations on that. But how many of us know that he happens to sleep with his niece and other young girls…naked !!

This whole exercise was being done in name of BRAHAMCHARYA or some CELIBACY control. But had this been happening today- we have to arrest this man under child sex abuse.

Sleeping naked with girls is neither part of any celibacy control unless someone believes in some tantric tactics. We do not hear much about such type of sleepings from common people and we do not see such things happening around it Sarojini Naidu or Mira Gandhi….both have expressed in detail what was happening inside BAPU’s room.

About his being a national leader- much politics has been done and will be done in name of Gandhi/ BAPU but we are not a nation of tolerance. Rather we are angry, foolish and blood thirsty people who saw shame-to-humanity crimes in Mumbai, 1947 and 1984.

I think coming generations will take pesonal character of national heros very seriously and then I am sure Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru will also not come clean !

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9 comments on “Mahatma Gandhi- Should we know more than we know.
  1. Faizal says:

    This is very strange and I do not know generation x will digest this. On other hand- this is very funny that for our nation such national heroes are named BAPU who had a character and life style like this.

    BAPU is wrong title for Gandhi Ji who may be pioneer in non-violence but his sex experiments should not be overlooked and appreciated.

  2. hindblogger says:

    What will be public reaction is tomorrows we came to know that L.K Advani is sleeping with two young girls, practicing celibacy or some self control. I am sure we will crucify and whole media and even parliament will be roaring…..

  3. Jaswant Singh says:

    This is shocking and I am speechless.

  4. pakreport says:

    I believe a person’s sex life is a private matter. However, what needs to be commented about Gandhi is the affects his famous marches and actions had on the lives of thousands of ordinary people throughout the sub-continent.

    • Wajid.K says:

      Wellsaid- but character in national figures is required. I do not think that in 2009, we can digest any stupid reason for such act be it is being done by any Baba or Bapu.

  5. hindblogger says:

    Yes- but in modern India, he is to remember only on his birthday and day he died.

    Neither there is any non-violence which we have learnt from him…right in Gujarat..we all know what has happened.

    So this is all a hype..nothing else. Freedom is not gained by non-violence..freedom always come from struggle, and it needs blood not ink.

    It is W. War II which gave us freedom and not any heroes. And when it comes to power- few people decided to make chapatis half-half….and millions gets killed. Where was non-violence then ?

  6. Wajid.K says:

    No one can tollerate an old man sleeping naked with young girls. Had this been happening today- I do not think we sould be calling him bapu at all.

  7. Miri says:

    What you have written above was actually told to me by an Indian, it was really shocking.

    I don’t really like Gandhi, not because I am a Pakistani but because he was not as saint as he is portrayed. His b’day is celebrated as ‘Tolerance day’ but he was ‘racist’ and publicly degraded blacks while working at a newspaper in South Africa where he wrote a section ‘the Indian opinion’.

    If you read the ‘Collectible works of Mahatma Gandhi’ (produced by the Indian government) in [CWMG, Vol.1, pg. 410] he writes “Ours is one continuous struggle against a degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by europeans, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw kaffir* whose occupation is hunting, and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with and, then, pass his life in indolence and nakedness”. He has even called them animals and dirty in his work not only that he even practiced racism on low caste Hindus.

    *(The term “Kaffir” is a South African pejorative for blacks which is equivalent to the “n” word. Its use has been an actionable offense in South Africa since 1975. Despite always using it to describe black Africans, Gandhi was fully aware of the offensive nature of the word. While protesting religious conflict, Gandhi wrote: “If ‘Kaffir’ is a term of opprobrium, how much more so is Chandal?” [CWMG, Vol. 28, p. 62] “Chandal” is a racist term for low-caste Hindus)

  8. hindblogger says:

    I do not know about kaffir stuff but I do feel little awkward about this news that he was sleeping with naked girls. I just can not digest this.

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