Indian Railways – Proudly Corrupt

I am sure you will not be shocked to read title of my post. If you still do not agree- enjoy a ride in any train at night. You do not have any reservation and you want to travel 300-400 kms, no issues. Just contact the TC- exchange some currency and you will be sleeping on a birth , preferebly air conditioned within 15 minutes.

Now- checkout the scene before this. Reservation is not available is message being shown in all Indian railways websites but still you manage to get a birth. This is called RAILWAY MAGIC. Railways is full of such magic- couple of years back, I was travelling in chair car and when I was welcomed by droplets coming from overhead ceiling- I reported it to the coach attandent.  Instead of providing me any change of seat- he gave me full narration of how cheap and rotton coaches are being made by some coach factory in Punjab and how cheap and low grade fittings are done in coaches. I noticed that fittings of A/C windows were repaired as glue / putty had come out and required re furnishing.

This is common scene in Indian railways where you can see sub-std. manufacturing or fittings. if you go in deep BABUS are making huge money.  I have heard that first rates and commissions are discussed and finalized and only then tenders are afloat and in here to special take care is observed that perticular company get the orders.  If someone goes under skin of this – you will find multi-billion scams as many companies will not be worth according to lay down rules but rules in railways seems to be made to play with and get rich !!

Just for your eyes: Over 8500 railway men are booked

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3 comments on “Indian Railways – Proudly Corrupt
  1. Jassi says:

    Corruption is acceptable in India. We all see how ministers fought , twisted arms for portfolios. What this all means ?

    Why railways – every second place in India is having worse situation. You did not mention POLICING which is famously corrupt.

  2. Amit says:

    Hmm….looks like another dissatisfied customer. I have traveled in the Indian Railways for the past 25 yrs. So I can confidently say that i’ve seen the transition. Some of the experiences during these 25 yrs were bad and others were good. Also being a rail enthusiast i love Indian Railways. The way you rant makes me feel that you haven’t traveled in a train for quite some time. May be this was your only experience. You chose to ignore all the good service that IR provides and concentrated on the bad. Tell me one organization (Govt) in India which is efficient and incorruptible. And then compare the railways. This is not an excuse but one has to take into proper context. And if you have not witnessed the turnaround of Indian Railways in the past 5 yrs then you have no right to rant. Let’s examine your complaints
    The RAILWAY MAGIC – Since you have not used the IR this is a mystery to you. Let me clarify that. For a long distance train a TTE is assigned for 4-5 coaches and he has one to two berths in those 4-5 coaches for himself to sleep. Then there is the foreign tourist quota, local MP/MLA quota, freedom fighter quota, military quota….etc etc. Most of the time these quotas don’t get filled up. Hence you can find couple of seats in each compartment which is called the RAILWAY MAGIC!!!
    A railway coach attendant narrated you in detail about the Railway Coach Factory!! Wow. Have you ever been to a railway coach factory to verify those “cheap and rotten coaches”? I highly recommend that you should visit one. You will be surprised to see the factory output and also the number of orders from foreign countries for those “cheap and rotten coaches”. I could go on and on about lots of technical information about IR but it has to be experienced. Few changes – the new LHB coaches, WAP 7 series engines, proposal of steel coaches etc etc. Do your research before ranting.

  3. hindblogger says:

    I liked what you said- but still no one digests bad quality coaches, mismanagement, corruption and crime in railways of india.

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