Who is not racist ? In light of Australia attacks.

Indian media is full of racist attacks on Indian students in Australia. We also by now know that Australian police claimed that these attacks are due to impressive gadgets Indian students carry. But today I saw PM of India talking tough about these attacks and even lot of hue and cry is about racism and one lobby is slowly slowly emerging to BAN Australia for studies.

First of all my sympathies for parents of all students who faced such a inhuman behavior. Media needs clippings unless next big clip does not arrive but we all can imagine suffering of parents in such scenario.

But what shocks me is that we are trying to label a country as racist that racism exists there, bla bla bla….have we ever gave a thought that we might be the biggest racist nation on whole planet ?

I think we all Indians needs to look inside and see that we are divided in name of class, creed, color …leave alone religion.

I say why India- USA is racist, UK too is not clean from this shit. And in this whole scene, if a generation in Australia is felling insecure, inferior from rich class which affords studying up there- this should not be colored. Because it does not serve the purpose of common man of India.
No Govt. can provide police protection to every single student coming to their country and even if they do, after couple of weeks students themselves will be requesting to take them off as they wont be able to do fun, you know.

We all know this is big business and Govts are earning smartly and this is why some extra effort is being made to color this situation. Australia is not ONLY country where Indians face discrimination. And will PM of India will be ringing to B. Obama next time, someone got shot in USA?

In last, I am of the view that we should stop giving priorities to overseas edracucation- they might be good in some fields but we are not THAT bad either. This is time when we should look inside and do something that tomorrow we do not suffer.

[ In all incidents of racism – Indians are mostly attacked and killed in these countries ]

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One comment on “Who is not racist ? In light of Australia attacks.
  1. Roslyn says:

    There is already a wave of NOT TO GO AUSTRALIA and fuel in this wave had been provided by Indian actor Amitabh Bachhans denial of accepting doctorate and banning of Mumbai film industry to shoot in Australia.

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