I feel pain – In head , In Chest

Oh Yes- I feel pain and it goes bigerg, louder in my head, in my chest and this blogging is just a way, tool, treatment to take out and share my anguish,  my heat,  my pain,  my anger with all of you who feels that we should have some better form of rule. A hypocrite treatment of democracy we are tollearting from creed of politicians who had created a new family run business by wearing white uniform.

Waiting for the day of revolt, of change when representation from every nook and corner from this country will be felt in Delhi.

When votes will not be effected by liquor, bullet and baton. When society will not be divided in name of religion and caste. When criminals will be seen in jail not in parliament. When life of a Indian will be as precious as life of Indian PM.

Don’t smile in ire – this is possible. Yes- this can happen right here in India…we need only young people to sit in parliament. Or we neer army to rake reins of this country which is being pushed in deep shit by politicians.

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One comment on “I feel pain – In head , In Chest
  1. Roslyn says:

    Seems a voice is raising…true. We feel but we do not express just have a look how tax payers money is being looted by countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan in name of terror fighting.

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